Larsen One Dane I have no respect for

To be famous for inventing
A trap to murder birds
Magpies crows and jackdaws
I am lost for words
Such intelligence is out there
More so than trappers who
Are wicked as the day is long
Doing what they do
Forgetting godly magic
Forgetting reasons why
God created magpies
With wisdom which is high
Omitting they have magick
And are worthy of great care
larsen was a gamekeeper
With nothing much up there

Money for his master
Riches for their store
Lacking all integrity
A design to bring him more
Bonus for his sickness
His corrupted view
A shameless unethical
Who from his sickness drew

A contraption meant to illustrate
Mans evil through and through
Appealing to the humility
Of the crow, yes which is true
The ugliness of larson
The immorality
A slippery slope where evil
Breeds such iniquity

Amazon sells Larson traps
Their ignorance so rife
£100 they actually source
This malevolence this strife
They won’t recant their ugliness
Profit at any cost not a prophet
To be found
This world today is lost

Is tangled in resentment
Tossed into its fire
The bitterness and shamelessness
Everywhere its dire
A larsen trap a magpie killer
Trapping a full mind
Wildness doesnt stand a chance
That much is underlined

A Dane I have no respect for
And trappers everywhere
Low life their impenitence
Really it does scare
The living daylights out of me
They go about this world
Pretending to be human
When in fact, they were hurled
Into their own chasm
As lemmings hopefully
Just swallowed up and forgotten
In their base disloyalty.

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