Gevrey Chambertin

Heaps of fruity blackberry
Sublime in every way
A Burgundy of character
Its Pinot Noir does play
A really wondrous part in all of this
It shares its force
All that jurassic limestone
That creative source
It brings insight and empathy
A relevance that feels
Absorbing air it magnifies
And honestly appeals
Aldi has selected
The finest of the fine
A revelation really
In the mouth it feels divine

Some ten miles away
The finest of mustards
Happen they
In Dijon the whole world at large
Does cone out to say
From its terraced paradise
The Saone Valley to the East
Savouring this miracle
It does enhance the feast
It truly is a classic
And it is vegan too
No cheap and nasty animal finings
Thus its enormous view
Is sacrosanct and honourable
With age most certainly
Some twenty years its enhancement
And An amazing pedigree.

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