Addoo park in South Africa

The third largest Park
In South Africa
Is critical today
Water holes are drying up,
The drought is really way
To serious as elephants
Are dying we can see
That panic is now setting in
Which really cannot be

We need to truck in water
Disaster is imminent there
Every elephant drinks some 50 litres
The despair
is written on every single
Zebras fighting to be
The one who gets what waters left
It is a tragedy.

South Africa is now seemingly
Unable to provide
Its animals with water
Why have they denied
The need why is it happening
Money is needed now
Charities need to step up fast
The calls gone out now how

Can this awful drought be averted
Its water that they need
They can truck some water in
Someone must succeed
The animals are panicking
Fighting each other for
The little thats left
Its awful death comes frighteningly

The Political Animal Lobby
Are out there on the ground
Please help if you can now
Money must be found
To avert what is a disaster
Thirst drives animals nuts
Species fighting each other
For whats left in the ruts

Adrienne West

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