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England still allows the use Of traps and snares to catch So so many animals and of course wild birds Really I am lost for words These contraptions Archaic and cruel Deception yes and sophistry Such artfulness doth fuel The … Continue reading

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Nocturnal jaunts

I sleep downstairs And so I heard The wild souls outside It is clear They come and go Nocturnally Bashful perhaps But earnestly Surviving When tucked up are we Dreaming dreams Or possibly Writing Yes that me

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Doncaster reptile Expo

Four times a year I understand An exhibition held At the DONCASTER Racecourse For me unparalleled And international collection Amphibians and Reptiles Stolen from the wild And subject to denials Stored in plastic boxes Freedom to the wall Light and … Continue reading

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Cane Toads and the aboriginies

We apparently have the gift Of imbalancing Nature We do it with our arrogance Every day We have been around a few hundred years But compared to Nature we Havent scratched the surface yet And we frantically Want to use … Continue reading

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