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A battle Royale

Arrogance and Ignorance A wicked prescriptive test Its all about agenda 30 Really its all dressed Up in trans and misogyny To my mind though we see A curtailing of the populace On a wide scale actually The different Groups … Continue reading

The masked ones

This is what we are up against The low life scare tactics Putting the fear of god up people With their sicko tricks And, this isn’t funny Its terrorising and they Were masked and very forceful Before they drove aWay … Continue reading

Cy Borg generation

There it is cyborgs It’s coming real fast Micro chipped slaves Our die has been cast In less than three years An implantable chip In one of our hands Enjoy the trip RFID’s biometrics are here Finger prints eye scans … Continue reading

Are we really all in touch

There’s a wickedness before me An amorality Demoralising in its approach And it’s obliquely It’s hiding the enormity The transgression of the case To demerit and to shift the blame To the individual’s space In so many ways it’s unpardonable … Continue reading