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Chinese Medicine and wild animals

Evertything was written down Transcribed from long ago Instilled and inculcated By people in the know The want for the wild essences The connectedness of need By implication perspective For remedies to succeed Whats pertinent and applicable Absolute and true … Continue reading

Cristina Zenato

A women whose integrity And constancy is there So much moral fibre And ofcourse she is aware Of their place Within the biosphere Each and every one She has honour And a reverence For everything she has done A diver … Continue reading

Sharks and more especially the Great Hammerhead and the ocean beyond

Sharks have a long pedigree A vast bank on which to call Evolution tempers the philosophy Of all Existence as we know it Their historicity Bursting with improvements To their substantivity 450 million years A timely proposition Survivors of 5 … Continue reading


Peter Benchley’s sensationalism Took the shark and lifted them Into the psyche and beyond Into the water lets respond To the music and the ominous fin That breaks the surface To underpin The element of total fear Within us all … Continue reading

Loro parque( Parrot park)

It might have started off as an experiment A vast zoo complex bigger than before Basically housing 4000 parrots Dolphins Penguins Orca’s Sharks and more And all of this on some 33 acres On Tenerife the Canary Islands where A … Continue reading

YU chi tang or Sharks Fin soup

A gelatinious texture a tasteless bowl of stew From the cartilaginous dorsal or pectoral fins We do Go against createdness and 400 hundred millions years Of the truest eco systems adding to the fears Of unbalancing the oceans with our … Continue reading

Great white

Existence for them Has been forever Absolute given and true Genuine physical predators Actual objective a tangible force A perfect killing machine The ocean’s their home Its where they roam Great big teeth and rather mean Thats how we see … Continue reading


In 2006 Peter Benchley died Regretting his book had caused such a devide The great White Shark he had written about Was A fictional character without a doubt But alas for the sharks the film and the book Got hold … Continue reading

Yu chi tang or sharks fin soup

YU chi tang,the vilest most Hidious taste of all Sharks fins mean the end To these great predators And send A death knell through the ocean As predation takes a hit So many sad imbalances Are happening and it Means … Continue reading

The oceans are dying

The oceans are dying So many are lying Through their back teeth Then on and beyond Poachers and hunters And criminal gangs Are out illegally The ocean hangs On a pure equilibrium NAture knows best Though the great corporations Are … Continue reading