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Dubai a sort of oasis

It has risen like a huge mushroom cloud Rises high Out of the desert and into the sky Affluence opulence a clawing way Of drawing the froth from the western decay Into a hotch potch of islamic traits Where you … Continue reading

STanding Rock

State Troopers Robocops and more Its not IRAQ NO its not war! Its Standing Rock The DAPL crowd And the water protectors Are overpowered By the military vehicles The burnjng tipi’s Really tough cops Not there to please Thirty or … Continue reading

The river doesn’t want the black snake under it

Since Trump came in And signed up on Dakota Pipe line,he Saw their stock rise by 7 a 1/2 per cent And did agree There was a time he held a lot Up to a million but He divested himself … Continue reading

Executive Orders

The executive order Was signed yesterday No communication Just this is the day I am the leader What I say goes And ETP reckon Now that it shows THat I mean business The pipe line must be Fully operational Fracked … Continue reading

Dakota Pipeline just north of Hell

Trump its there And signs Away Treaty land Yes they can pay BISMARCK took objection to The routing lines So what they did do Was took it closer To the reservation The sioux wont mind Its near their station The … Continue reading

Water is life or should be

Existence on this planet Is currently under fire The realization of what is being done here Is so dire For me it is undeniable Why corporations feel And they all appear indestructable Whatever they conceal The pipelines now criss crossing … Continue reading

Amur Tiger

The great realization Is giving way to those Pipelines carrying gas and oil And the problem grows and grows The philosophy of existence For the wild souls of the land The historicity beckons Whilst fhe fires of lust are fanned … Continue reading

A new big bang

Just north of Kansas City PLatte County a big bang When someone dropped a clanger A spangled banger hang They all once sang its praises That nothing could go wrong Plumes of fire lit up the sky A pipeline all … Continue reading

176,000 gallons

All sorts of excuses rain down on us all Again North Dakota answers the call Near Ash Coulee Creek The black snake did spew its filth everywhere because it likes too Before it was put in protectors were there Talking … Continue reading


292 oil spills But only one came to the fore The others were all hidden yes by big oil They are ahead of the law The land and the ses and the river. They are the masters of time The … Continue reading