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Bram Stoker and the Durian

It’s curious How fiction can change people’s perception The bat the durian fruit What’s all that about Bats have got a unrepresentative Focus it appears to me The Irish Author’s Gothic novel Dracula was key Vampire bats would congregate And … Continue reading

Criminality and the killings

The use of words like conservation When killing is the sin Hunters out to murder To butcher and to skin To ship their trophies Home to where they put them on display Criminals that’s all they are In the bright … Continue reading

Anger and the lack of true understanding

A lack of cerebration And the concept of the damned Pods of streamline dolphins Very often crammed Into so called training pools And manhandled every day And shipped to theme parks Some of them hundreds of miles away A lack … Continue reading

It looks to be alive so lets eat it syndrome

Its their lewdness An aversion For a life form That should be Not in somebody’s Rice bowl But living in the sea To have realised that shoyu With its sodium content would Excite the nerves of the octopi And that … Continue reading


Production is up and growing For so many victims, we Are being turned out now every day So called humanity Upside down in trucks in hospitals We can see them lie Eyes just about open Peering to the sky Their … Continue reading

Asafa The Holiday Inn Melaka’s guitarist

Asafa the most under rated guitarist I have had the pleasure to meet up with Continue reading

Leave the sea alone Malaysia

Leave the sea alone man can never put back what he destroyed Continue reading

The Limit for me (Aida at the Holiday Inn tonight)

I leave the Hotel feeling very sad this time a long stay brought me into understanding just how wrong some things are within the hotel and the way the singer is treated for me I hated, I am afraid no respect at all for someone as kind and as talented as she Continue reading

Clouds in the sky on the way to Veggie Planet Melaka Raya

the skies not the limit the sky is just the beginning Continue reading

Aida at the Holiday Inn Melaka

Aida a singer on a mission singing at the Holiday Inn everynight except Sundays in Melaka West Malaysia if you are in the area pop in and sit in the Sirocco lounge and support her and tell the management to stop her having to compete with a screen of sports activity its just not fair Continue reading

Melaka River and its shortcomings

Man’s miss judgement might spell disaster in the long run for everyone even the tourists
When you sacrifice peoples living conditions you hurt yourself in the end Continue reading

Sunday Night in Jonker Walk

The music of Melaka rang out in my ears Continue reading

From outside the Holiday Inn looking towards the sea 17/11/2012

The crows seem excited apparently so voicing objections wherever they go the sun’s setting down for what is the whole night in its great golden halo thats burning so bright there’s a little soft breeze but in essence its clear … Continue reading


There is only one Aida Continue reading

We need a safer way to cross the road from the Holiday Inn to the Mall

A crossing is needed urgently Continue reading

Rangoli has now Ran gone

A Rangoli is now gone but I was pleased to have witnessed its birth and its passing Continue reading

Melaka Post office centre

Melaka you let yourself down here Continue reading

Rice and Pulse Rangoli for Divali at the Holiday Inn Melaka

Divali and the Festival of Lights at the Holiday Inn in Melaka Continue reading


This is one exceptional lady who needs a bit more help from the Holiday Inn and with very little help everyone will get rewards so this is my wake up call to you Continue reading

The Pianist (play it again Sam) at the Holiday Inn Melaka

Play it again Sam Continue reading

Slaves in art

We must respect our performers they create and re-create our moods Continue reading

I don’t like this macho influence

lost are we all lost maybe we are Continue reading

Sirocco Lounge

the infinate was tamed Continue reading

Holiday Inn and its wonderful singers

Respect the singers they give their all and don’t want competion with football Continue reading

Aida- Melaka’s nightingale

Aida the beautiful singer from the Holiday Inn Melaka who sweetly sang my favourite song two nights in a row Continue reading

The Gods may be angry

sitting in my hotel room in the Holiday Inn 5th floor witnessing what is the eye of tonight’s proverbial storm Continue reading

Veggie Planet, Melaka Raya, Melaka, West Malaysia

A smallish newish restaurant in Melaka West Malaysia.It is a beautiful experience and one I urge you all to try
Veggie Planet where love and subtlety create splendid dishes for your maximum enjoyment Continue reading

KLIA Kuala Lumpur International Airport

A sensational place that is quietly efficient Continue reading

D24 Kampong Durians

There is no other fruit in the world or in the galaxy that could even half compare to the flavour that is imparted by opening and eating a fresh wild Durian,forget what some say about it they want more for themselves! Continue reading

The Rumbutan Tree

They are available in Wing Yip in London but best bought in Melaka West Malaysia Continue reading