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Diseased fatty liver from tortured and innocent ducks and geese

The profligate the good for nothing The torturers of sin You who take the innocent The geese and ducks An in The darkness of your satanic soul You cause great woe and pain Your show your vile barbarity Over and … Continue reading

Interview with a farmer of foie gras

What do you do for a living I am a farmer of sorts With geese and with ducks I am reading It’s foie gras I have in my thoughts Such beautiful birds Of the water Attested and genuine souls For … Continue reading

The ducks

Seeing those birds Against the wall Hiding their faces Its says it all Their aversion And mine too To the foie gras farmer Who is there to do Is damndest really Such antipathy An anthema of hostility Its so forbidding … Continue reading

Foie gras

There is no peace for ducks nor geese For the human curse evolved The malediction in the spirit Where nothing has been solved Gavage or force feeding An anathema to the cause Vulgarity depravity so many hearts must pause Must … Continue reading

Duck out for the count

The insincerity and artfulness Their jiggery-pokery I confess Such collusion and cozenage Its a kind of camouflage Preventing us appreciate Our true design They predicate A reason why now what they do Produces something that will imbue A factor that … Continue reading

Foie gras (creation of a disease through torture and eating it)

Doing wrong and arguing the toss about its worth Is unfitting and improper and wrongheaded and on this earth We all live in the natural world and around us feel the need To expose this unpardonable behaviour as a truly … Continue reading

Foie gras

Each son of a bitch The idol rich Restauranteurs that feel its right To serve up foie gras Who ever they are With brown toast in very poor light Perhaps some soft music A waiter from Poland another from Hungary … Continue reading

Foie gras ain’t no star

No avocado No cucumber Pigeon morsals they The Masqmenos That’s in Wardour street Just blew me away Supposedly was Spanish Serving vile foie gras A salad that was tiny just lettuce Not a star In any sky I have looked … Continue reading

Over the top and Away another glimpse at foie gras

A broken nose A silver beard Tucked around his ears Blood shot corners to his eyes Wet and salty tears A triple chin So far from thin A pate of autumn shine Beads of sweat A pimply neck And red … Continue reading

California and it’s wish to reintroduce foie gras

Let’s look into this story Of a Californian judge And try somehow to understand Why such men do budge An overturn What was simply a saintly caring thing A country bent on Monsanto GMO’s and the shit they bring Their … Continue reading