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Foie gras

Each son of a bitch The idol rich Restauranteurs that feel its right To serve up foie gras Who ever they are With brown toast in very poor light Perhaps some soft music A waiter from Poland another from Hungary … Continue reading

Foie gras ain’t no star

No avocado No cucumber Pigeon morsals they The Masqmenos That’s in Wardour street Just blew me away Supposedly was Spanish Serving vile foie gras A salad that was tiny just lettuce Not a star In any sky I have looked … Continue reading

Over the top and Away another glimpse at foie gras

A broken nose A silver beard Tucked around his ears Blood shot corners to his eyes Wet and salty tears A triple chin So far from thin A pate of autumn shine Beads of sweat A pimply neck And red … Continue reading

California and it’s wish to reintroduce foie gras

Let’s look into this story Of a Californian judge And try somehow to understand Why such men do budge An overturn What was simply a saintly caring thing A country bent on Monsanto GMO’s and the shit they bring Their … Continue reading


You can have all sorts of riches Silver spoons when you are born Walk about in finery It does it makes me yawn Shop at Fortnum and Mason Where the toffs all go To buy their foie gras carnage That’s … Continue reading

Foie gras and the yule tide window

Fortnums yuletide window and a foie gras banner shows how they make their profit and in Summerland it glows the tombstones  of the ducks and geese who sadly met their end gorged on fatty corn balls that rapidly did send … Continue reading

The Christmas Window at Fortnum & Mason

The man with the pipe what we should do is give him, and, the whole F&M crew some fatty corn twice a day straight down their throats that vile metal tube that kind of coats   their insides with agony … Continue reading

Fortnum and Mason your Christmas window

The toffs like to go there The queens warrant holders Clearly they have The broadest of shoulders Inducing torture torment and pain They call it foie gras Lives so in vain Ducks and great geese Gavage all the way Force … Continue reading

those poor birds

look into the eyes of those sweet golden ducks and those white bigger geese and we see some kind of vision the watery wastes but not that these birds now will be   in water despite their webbed feet and … Continue reading

Bricklayers Arms Flaunden and the diseased fatty liver saga

an idyllic setting a romantic lane in the tory heartlands where hunts kind  of gain a tally ho certainly in this green place the Bricklayers Arms helps to slow down the pace   we got there a bit late my … Continue reading