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Foie gras

Is there anything more dreadful More nasty Unwholesome and unhealthy Let me know Creating a disease in ducks and geese Until they scream In agony internally As their liver starts to grow Pushes its way into the lungs Cuts off … Continue reading

Foie gras disease torment and murder

This farm is non existent A nullity a blank Consciousness was never ever there And to be frank Negatives the uninvented It was called a farm Where beauTiful ducks Were caged and left In the most vilest or harm In … Continue reading


Queen of the warriors All the worlds geese The ducks and all animals They feel the peace emanating from her In so many ways She guards the innocent All of her days Foie gras so wicked So flagrantly wrong Toward … Continue reading

Japan at the crossroads

Is it lack of intelligence Or vacuousness that Japan Is going through now Huge dead flesh eating Country knowing what it does The environmental impact Is terrible the buzz in cities That of cellular Agriculture And That would save colossal … Continue reading

Diseased fatty liver from tortured and innocent ducks and geese

The profligate the good for nothing The torturers of sin You who take the innocent The geese and ducks An in The darkness of your satanic soul You cause great woe and pain Your show your vile barbarity Over and … Continue reading

Interview with a farmer of foie gras

What do you do for a living I am a farmer of sorts With geese and with ducks I am reading It’s foie gras I have in my thoughts Such beautiful birds Of the water Attested and genuine souls For … Continue reading

The ducks

Seeing those birds Against the wall Hiding their faces Its says it all Their aversion And mine too To the foie gras farmer Who is there to do Is damndest really Such antipathy An anthema of hostility Its so forbidding … Continue reading

Foie gras

There is no peace for ducks nor geese For the human curse evolved The malediction in the spirit Where nothing has been solved Gavage or force feeding An anathema to the cause Vulgarity depravity so many hearts must pause Must … Continue reading

Duck out for the count

The insincerity and artfulness Their jiggery-pokery I confess Such collusion and cozenage Its a kind of camouflage Preventing us appreciate Our true design They predicate A reason why now what they do Produces something that will imbue A factor that … Continue reading

Foie gras (creation of a disease through torture and eating it)

Doing wrong and arguing the toss about its worth Is unfitting and improper and wrongheaded and on this earth We all live in the natural world and around us feel the need To expose this unpardonable behaviour as a truly … Continue reading

Foie gras

Each son of a bitch The idol rich Restauranteurs that feel its right To serve up foie gras Who ever they are With brown toast in very poor light Perhaps some soft music A waiter from Poland another from Hungary … Continue reading

Foie gras ain’t no star

No avocado No cucumber Pigeon morsals they The Masqmenos That’s in Wardour street Just blew me away Supposedly was Spanish Serving vile foie gras A salad that was tiny just lettuce Not a star In any sky I have looked … Continue reading

Over the top and Away another glimpse at foie gras

A broken nose A silver beard Tucked around his ears Blood shot corners to his eyes Wet and salty tears A triple chin So far from thin A pate of autumn shine Beads of sweat A pimply neck And red … Continue reading

California and it’s wish to reintroduce foie gras

Let’s look into this story Of a Californian judge And try somehow to understand Why such men do budge An overturn What was simply a saintly caring thing A country bent on Monsanto GMO’s and the shit they bring Their … Continue reading


You can have all sorts of riches Silver spoons when you are born Walk about in finery It does it makes me yawn Shop at Fortnum and Mason Where the toffs all go To buy their foie gras carnage That’s … Continue reading

Foie gras and the yule tide window

Fortnums yuletide window and a foie gras banner shows how they make their profit and in Summerland it glows the tombstones  of the ducks and geese who sadly met their end gorged on fatty corn balls that rapidly did send … Continue reading

The Christmas Window at Fortnum & Mason

The man with the pipe what we should do is give him, and, the whole F&M crew some fatty corn twice a day straight down their throats that vile metal tube that kind of coats   their insides with agony … Continue reading

Fortnum and Mason your Christmas window

The toffs like to go there The queens warrant holders Clearly they have The broadest of shoulders Inducing torture torment and pain They call it foie gras Lives so in vain Ducks and great geese Gavage all the way Force … Continue reading

those poor birds

look into the eyes of those sweet golden ducks and those white bigger geese and we see some kind of vision the watery wastes but not that these birds now will be   in water despite their webbed feet and … Continue reading

Bricklayers Arms Flaunden and the diseased fatty liver saga

an idyllic setting a romantic lane in the tory heartlands where hunts kind  of gain a tally ho certainly in this green place the Bricklayers Arms helps to slow down the pace   we got there a bit late my … Continue reading

Art and its ability to change torture to love and care

We feel whats right the expression that our paint our heart our feeling gives to a canvas, to a sacred space to where pure silence lives   artists perhaps are privileged to develop the unseeing eye to redress the negative … Continue reading

The Bull and the Duck and Goose fighting with diseased livers

The expression that art and music has is intense or can be so the art of musing and not refusing to within oneself just go   to divorce ones outer ego from the monetary reward and think about the animals … Continue reading

Foie Gras survivors

the infamy thats is foie gras the arrogance that is seen the evil of the human being that’s tantamount to obscene   4 ducks were being taken and a box flew off the truck and landed on the highway that … Continue reading

Diseased Fatty Livers

Go onto Google search for Foie Gras lists of them come up where ever you are someone will tell you there’s has been made with respect for the birds on their hearts its been laid   the debt of the … Continue reading

Foie Gras lets try and get behind the minds of those buyers

Its clearly a most obnoxious product a vile despised idea it might have surfaced long ago in Egypt but its clear   in this day and age when compassion should be closer to our hearts to find 2 famous shops … Continue reading

Foie Gras

A purgatorial pantry producing pitiable portions of what can only be described as jugular contortions torturing Ducks and Geese in what is a dastardly display of force feeding and manipulation which forces me to say to even call this food … Continue reading

Foie Gras and Fortnum and Mason

Despite the obvious distress caused to the ducks and geese we see gavage still practised for the last 15 days and we realise force feeding is a cruel and ugly way of feeding birds to fatten them up and really … Continue reading

Fortnum and Masons Piccadilly

I have stood outside that shop and spoke to people passing by about the evil Foie Gras that some do want to try its cruelty personified inducing in birds pain disease and a fatty liver in fact its all in … Continue reading

Phoque Bardot a recipe for disaster

What twisted tin pot turdster to take a name in vain of the gorgeous Brigitte Bardot and represent such pain of baby seal and fatty liver diseased ten times its size force fed geese and no release until each sweet … Continue reading

A nightmare scenario (for geese and ducks)

*This is the 19th poem I have written on this subject and it is still being sold in Fortnum and Mason in London and widely over the internet if you know anyone who is selling it or eating it boycott … Continue reading