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The COYOTE and Canada Goose

Canada Goose A company that doesnt think enough It knows about its balance sheet And, sometimes things get tough But as to the wild creatures That live and share the earth These companies are too miserly They do see their … Continue reading

A stall in the market

A rail of murdered animals You can almost hear their cries The raccoon dogs in china Skinned before our eyes Alive hung on a rusty nail On a rotten pole And stretched and pulled Whilst screaming This a true wild … Continue reading

Alaska The Last frontier

Purchased from the Russians in 1867 A vast open wilderness wild as can be Animal earthlings and many indigenous Live side by side in the land of the free The Department of Fish & Game overseas Life there Its Facebook … Continue reading

Canada goose

Their mission statement Reads that they Think of you And it is their way To use coyote fur which will Keep you warm in fact until Knowing this you reach their hell Trapping animals then to sell Canada Goose the … Continue reading

Canada goose use trapped coyote fur as trim

They say they are experts And where it is cold Faux fur is useless Despite being sold Its purely a fashion Statement they say And something they Will not be using No way Coyote works The trappers they use All … Continue reading

Anoraks and collars

Their fur is used for collars On anoraks which is why Low life trappers come around And the innocent souls then die Caught in cowardly crushing traps And left to pass away Of blood loss or starvation Thats an awful … Continue reading

Coyote boys

The Coyote’s adaptability allows it a free reign Its a wily individual with a rather clever brain Its suited to its environment and has an instinctive flair With a life force thats so powerful and it truthfully does share Knowledge … Continue reading

The Grand Salon

The Grand Salon A celebration Of An eating place On an aristocratic style New York displayed it’s face Open alcoves with champagnes Where you could do your thing Everywhere such luxury It just had that special ring That was until … Continue reading

Coyote pile

Rack them up the coyotes they Lost their lives alas that day These kids that’s really all they are Their little souls straight away they scar Completely innocent of karmic debt Already though the clock is set Coyote souls are … Continue reading

The coyote deserves better

Re wilding is an option on the table its has to be, if the countryside is to be maintained for all the good its does for all of ¬†us unless we build just everywhere a key issue here, are the … Continue reading