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Yellowstone Mother beaver saves her children and moves to a new lodge

The drama from the natural world Transcending all of time The lodge due to its shallowness The odds were beginning to climb SNake River it was drying up And the pond that she had made With melt water gone rapidly … Continue reading

Yellowstone -The times they are a changing

Dylan was out there in front long ago Times were a changing as we all know And now its the climate existence abroad Its actuality that some can’t afford Looking at yellowstone That great sanctuary With the realization That a … Continue reading

RIver Bend San Francisco

The nobility of the wild and free With a pedigree and an ancestry In a rustic space where every face Has humility its just wants to be Part of the whole conceived of soul Unpretentiously its role Inoffensive unassuming Unseen … Continue reading

Scottish Beavers

To me there seems to be a serious concern Right Across the board And in Scotland I understand Landowners cant afford To leave the groups of Beavers Now flourishing in Tayside Because they are causing damage To the woodlands, the … Continue reading