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Nigerian hyena men

From nothingness comes A troupe of street performers Nomadic people Trainers let’s say Of hyenas baboons Pythons and reptiles A meagre lifestyle Drinkers of potency They The deepest jungle The most powerful sedative Hallucination They have them each day Abusing … Continue reading

“Brianna and Winter”

Unbelievable cruelty Is carried out each day In dairy farms across the globe Where farmers will not pay A penny more than they have to Money the driving force And many a pregnant cow Is sent to the abattoir The … Continue reading

Woe burn for those poor doomed deer

Humility is missing From the consciousness of those Responsible at Woburn Their showiness suppose A blatancy a shamelessness An inverted snobbery An attitude a hubris. Entitled honourably A tyranny of brashness A brazen faced refrain To offer stags for slaughter … Continue reading

Death row

Human beings being what they are Such selfish fools They want dairy ice cream White chocolate in the schools Fruit yoghurts and of course the cheese Creamy mild and blue Its alleged its packed with calcium And its so good … Continue reading

Libido blasts

Siberia boasts herds of wild red Maral Deer With fast growing velvet bones and the desire Is first and foremost hunting them But secondly its farming them And tragically their life on earth is dire Why because of markets in … Continue reading