They have an axa to grind or do they ?

Fox Hunting is a sick old sport
That does away with poise
Who like to trespass everywhere
And make a lot of noise
Drink and ride and ne’er confide
In the likes of me
An angel from the higher self
Who was punched hard in the Lee
Trail hunting thats another fib
Its a vile excuse
For thundering down the country lanes
Hollering abuse
And fighting off the Foxes,Badgers and Saboteurs
Its just Something to Deduce
From all who write explaining
That its against the Law
And insuring them for committing crimes
As a reason, I implore
But It is no ultimatum
Just an overture to say
Karma is uninsurable
And the premiums you pay

Are awfully high and seemingly
An infringement of our rights
The word is violation
Sadness at the heights
The shrieking of a vixen
Being torn apart
A badger being brutalised
And the broken heart
Of a saboteur a lady
Who has a lien on life
Not a filcher or purloiner
But just somebody’s wife

When I purchase my insurance
Ethics comes to play
The market is a big one
And if insurers do display
A tendency to cover
The suffering of those
Wild souls of the forest
Who really do not pose
Any threat to Hunts and hunters
And actually threaten us
Country people by
themselves and causing fuss

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