Parliament Square and expensive cup of coffee

Parliament Square
To exercise
A coffee as we go
Not one not two
Not three not four
Five coppers now on show
The women is about fifty
Completely on her own
“Your Under arrest”
They tell her
Breaching Covid
Cover blown

Its all down to the covid rules
Standing around said they
They had every right to frighten her
She cant go on her way
And put in hand cuffs
And frog marched to the van
They put the fear of god up her
That was the covid plan

And the government approves all this
The home secretary too
And loads of people watch it all
Recording all they do
To a, little short lady
Harming no one she
As for their oaths
They forgot them
Today that much we see
For sure that was for certain
Four men for one soul
Bundled into a police van
Its all out of control

When all this is over
If that time should ever come
Karma will come back to bite them
Hopefully theres some
Who realise that she
Was out getting fresh air
Just One little lady.
Who they arrested
Yes Right there.

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