TAIJI and elsewhere in JAPAN

For years we have been fighting
and even till today
Dolphins are being massacred
In every awful way
Taiji is synonymous
With dolphin drives and pain
With pithing and with torture
And how protest is in vain

How many times outside the
japanese Embassy we have been
Shouting through loud speakers
But they remain obscene
Pithing sticking rods
Into their spines
Under the tarps
In their temples praying
But burning all our harps

Zen might be their way out
But with hearts as hard as steel
All the bloody praying
They never can conceal
The evil how they conquer
The loyalty of each soul
Wounding youngsters in the pods
Which is How they then control

The elders and the parents
How they keep them all on side
Humans would just hop it
These commit suicide
All the so called projects
Still happening in Japan
Are hopeless for the death toll
Each year it goes to plan

Taiji is using harpoons
And banging boats as well
But in other prefectures
It really is a hell
For dolphins and for porpoise
Harpooned by hand yes still
And its all below the radar
The projects never will

taiji is seen as the capital of killing
But its not
Japan is a murderous country
And its fishermen have got
Other means of earning
The trAining and selling to zoo’s
To aqua parks and theme parks
And Hotels its all good news

God made souls belonging
To the world at large
Stolen and sold to the ignorant
Its like worldwide camouflage
And Broome in Western Australia
Supports the port Taiji
Cuddles up to their killing
Protects the infamy

Its all to do with money
And the so called history
Pearl diving and the Aboriginal
People maybe so
But all this lovey dovey
Isn’t helping as we know

The world is seeing Vegans
Bearing witness thankfully
All the while the carnivores
Are in the majority
Wild animals and sea mammals
Have not a hope in hell
Chance of being looked after
This we all know well

And the Japanese they say as much
We eat dolphin and whales
You eat cow and chicken
There your argument fails
We slaughter billions yes we do
The Japanese do too
Not only cows and pigs and sheep
But all the sea life who

Are really extra special
Sensitively made
Much more so than the fishermen
Who really are low grade
Ignorant as the day is long
No pity in their soul
And thus it will continue
Because it is their goal

To do so more and more of it
Mercury as well
Cesium we tell
plutonium and strontium
And all the shit abroad
The Japanese will never change
Or give up their reward

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