Foxes and their cubs

The Huntsman is the ignorant
The dehumanised for he
Persecutes the fox and the hound
From the same family
The Canidae The godly ones
For one to kill another
Creates a senseless murder scene
Just like killing a brother

And why, its out of ego
Arrogance a wrong
So man can hunt a wild fox
Who in fact does belong
Where his god has placed him
In a forest in a wood
In an earth under the ground
His home which is good

The wickedness of the huntsmen
They spitefully desire
To using outrageous torture
Creating an inner fire
Feeding fox cubs to the hunting hounds
Letting them drink the blood
They call it cub hunting
A vile and festering flood

The hounds turn on their family
Its ungodly amorality
Satanic to turn the canidae
Into true depravity
Degeneracy and heinousness
Simply for a huntsman will
A warped perverted pleasure
To torture and to kill

Grown men toffs as mindless
And as wicked as can be
Degrading and despoiling
With their darkest infamy
Causing Sionna’s brethren
To become the victims and
To be harassed and murdered
On, Gods given land.

Hounds instinctive nature
Is not to kill their own
Only the blooded scoundrels
By their evil do disown
Do turn the hounds against the Fox
Petty tyrants who
Have always been ignorant
All their lives
Doing what they do

Frightening baby foxes
Slapping saddles they
Pounce upon the babies
And kill them right a way
Feed them to the hungry hounds
Starved of meat for they
Recreate a need and a lust
A weird and a ugly way

All hunts do this dirty deed
Mischief makers they
Truly are offenders
Whose souls are in decay
They are wicked from the bottom up
Heartless and objectionable
They dont play to the godly rules
They are the criminality

Rebellious their truancy
Their defection their disloyalty
Insulting and scurrilous
THey openly break the law
So much blood upon their hands
Double dealing treachery
How they get away with it
And seem too do it more

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