Dogs appeal aloud to the world at large

Skun thats in Cambodia
A slaughterhouse to where
Thousands of dogs are slaughtered
And all of them aware
Restaurants in Phnom Penn
They open all the time
Cambodians love dog meat
Which is why the numbers climb

Some three million dogs are year
Are murdered in cold blood
Many of them drowned in cages
Its the awful flood
Of filthy dirty water
That overcomes their breath
Their fight for life is hopeless
It is a painful death

200 dogs a day just little puppies
Are drowned cut up and cooked
And eaten that is what they do
Four paws thats a charity
Has approached this awful place
And hopes to get the killing stopped
Convinced its a disgrace

Just watch the dogs sad faces
Its enough to make you feel
They really know what happening
Their scowls just do reveal
They pick up the squealing
The curse they know is wrong
But caged up in their prison
Where they tragically belong

There can be no exoneration
Compassion seemingly
Is not a quality diners have
Barbarians they be
Butchers with their hatchets
Remorseless that is they
For them dogs are be and end all
Which is why they are on display.

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