Caprinopsis picacea

Amazingly discovered
Back In 1785
By Jean Baptiste Francois
This egg to bell shaped soul
Doth thrive
It Loves its alkalinity
Emerging from the leaves
that litter in October
Where sometimes it achieves

A small group
But as a solitary
With a liking for the shade
Quite a Secretive lassie
Under a Beech glade

Pattened white or
Silver grey
On a background that is brown
Found all over Europe
With Her mothy
smelling gown

Maturing into a black melt
Thats why she’s happened by
The name of magpie ink cap
And that is where we spy
Trying to be invisible
Ethereal its sense
Of being is all seeing
Giving rise to some suspense

Artful in her substance
An illusion maybe so
The keen eye of a woodsman
Might look for it below
The smooth trunk now seen rising
Out into the grey
Craggy sky of Autumn
A great place for the Fae

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