Botswana and it’s Elephants

There have been too many bodies
Found recently we hear
In Seronga and Eretsha
To me it all seems clear
The latest story posted
Is it’s poisoning despite
The stories that it isn’t
There are warnings of the blight

And local people are being told
Don’t touch the meat and so
That’s another reason why
The death toll is seen to grow
Poisoning The farmers
See conflict everyday
Rains have been abundant
But it’s crops I think that play
A part in all this carnage
And Botswana seems to feel
That its herds are growing bigger
And hunting can be real

And so are issuing licences
To come and shoot to kill
Get the hunters over the elephant blood to spill
This is what they think of wild life
Money in their bank
Gifted by creation
And this is how they thank
The gods on high for elephants
And Rhino’s really too
Many have been murdered
By poachers who took the view
During corvid lockdown
They could rule the roost
And may have poisoned the elephants
And of course got a boost

On horns whilst they were de horn ing
It Was going on they thought
Best get in there quick
And take our spoils
And so they sought
A period when rangers
Many stayed away
Locked down by the corvid scares
No one to save the day

It seems they have ruled out ANTHRAX
And personally I think
It’s a combination of poaching
And hunting and the link
Is shooting for the sake of it
What they ought to do
Is some examination and autopsies
That’s my view

If they will come for RHINO’s
Why pay licenses when they can sit around
And shoot elephants
There that is a way
Target practice possibly
Coupled with poisoning too
Botswana better realise
That their count may not be true

Every soul is precious
Letting the hunters ply
To me is worse than useless
Why any souls should die
There is water and there is food enough
The wild ones they can share
Making excuses and giving out permits
Will just get them no where

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