Sharks fins

It might go all the way back
To the Song Dynasty
At a time when the ocean
Was filled with shark
But now
70 to 100 million sharks
Are killed now every year
To slice off their fins
For the soup of sins
That create a lot of fear

Sharks fins are collected
On board boats at sea
The fins are cut off live sharks
And the bodies then they be
Dumped back over the side
To end upon the bottom where
The shark lies suffocating
And then sadly they die

And all this carnage
Is to make the dish
Called sharks fin soup
Basically it’s chicken
The shredded fins all they
Are used for in this dish you make
Is a thickener
The dismay

I feel for tHis great predator
It’s clearing the oceans and seas
Of all sorts of sharks
And China best beware
We ask you please
To stop this awful carnage
It’s evil and what’s more
Serving it in restaurants
Serving this blood and gore

Is it should be a
Banned completely
For to serve it at weddings
Please see
So much death and unkindness
It’s all wrong cAn’t you lot see
anywhere there are Chinese
The pillaging of the sharks
Is causing untold suffering

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