The most malevolent of hunters
that T have ever heard
A one man exterminator
The figures feel absurd
5000 wonderful Elephants
50 courageous Lions
30 warrior Leopards
50 Hippo’s, signs
Of iniquitous confusion
800 Buffalo’s
I can feel the indignation
And I am sure it shows

So many families grieving
Partners left adrift
The wrathfulness of evil
It may give him a lift
But me and many like me
When we hear his gun
Firing into living flesh
Underneath the sun

It galls me to imagine
The heartlessness and Ill will
It really infuriateS
The blood that he did spill
All the worst intentions
The viciousness displayed
The acrimony and spitefulness
Really he has laid

Into all these wild souls
In their own habitat
Entering their true domain
Like a drunken rat
Mercilessly toting
Ammo by the score
Rifles and bloody armoury
Nobody dare ignore

Clearly a blood thirst troll
Inhuman one can say
Causing havoc everywhere he goes
And any day
Taking out the innocent
The warriors them all
Ambushing the angels
And laughing when they fall

The ugliest of anthemas
A terrorist in fact
Nothing but A killer with a gun
Who does react
High fiving every which way
Take away his gun
Stand him toe to toe
With any of them
And he would run

Run his tiny bollocks off
He acts so callously
Really it’s a relentless task
A Downright tragedy
Murdering these gifted souls
Miracles everyone
So much wrongness in his makeup
Rotten and no fun

Vulgar to the absolute extreme
If you ask me
He thinks he is superior
A lump of iniquity
Unworthy really such contempt
For hunters who would dare
And take out all these lovely creatures
Breathing the same air

Basically a meanness
To a despicable degree
A paltriness beyond contempt
Shabby treachery
Wicked every inch of him
Deadly to behold
A sinner and a Judas
His antics leave me cold

A degenerate who contradicts
Everything we see
All those wonderful animals
Shot through and they be
Lost to their eternity
Their lives cut short
So he
This degenerate this niggardly creep
Can brag excessively

Unconscious to our nature
Illegitimate and wrong
His unconcern for families
Left behind
He doesn’t belong
To any living family
His flagrancy and state
He cannot feel the suffering
He just knows he is great

Head high the biggest most powerful guns
He has got it all
All the ladies love him
In life he has a ball
Well let me tell him loudly
All the ladies say
He is a coward and a rotter
And will never get a lay

Not when people see his record
All the killings he
Brags about the murdering scum
For that is all he be
All of them at the rainbow bridge
Where his name must ring
Murder bells and magic spells
Which one day no doubt will bring

Him all the bad luck in the world
Every god who knows
The animals that have perished
Just because he chose
To walk their way
And fire his gun
And high five in the hour
Hunters are no better
Than poachers and that’s now

What any body thinks
When they see killings off this size
All those truly wonderful elephants
Truthfully So wise
So learned and so hopeful
Murdered in cold blood
And all those kingly Lion folk
Lying in the mud

All those wily Leopards
Solitary souls were they
Fighting to be better
Till this bastard took away
Their lives their hopes their wishes
Their families and their trees
The Hippos and The Buffaloes
Who all left upon their knees.

To the great hunter man
We are not your fan

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