Inducing muscular dystrophy in dogs

Mary Shelleys terror story
All those years ago
Frightened many readers
But now some of you know
Laboratories around the world
Create hell here today
And dogs are going through the mill
And there should be no way

Any beautiful golden retriever
Should ever be subjected to
The warped and weird creative force
Of sickly professors
Who take the view
The dogs are here for us to torture
Wear a white coat say that you
Are helping sort our medicine
The passport which is true
All sorts of ghastly experiments
great leaps in the dark
Under cover of science
They are making their mark
A whole battery of cruel tests
Feeling their way through
Listening to the scream like banshees
This is what they do

Above a university
Mini Frankensteins
These puppies many of them
Have the hearts of lions
Strong and faithful creatures
Being put through hell
With drugs and crippling surgery
that makes their faces swell
That drains their muscular movement
Look at their saliva ropes
Many cannot eat at all
Living without hopes
Of ever being normal
Monsters in way
Suffering such agony
Every single day

Doctors have been saying
It’s wholly wrong to see
And Peta has been fighting
AR ages and me
And other animal right souls
Who know all this is wrong
It’s discriminative it’s evil
No animal does belong

These experimenting medics
Are sick their minds are gone
Irrational their thinking
Creating a con
Which has fooled the public
Subscribers to the scheme
Medicine procured this way
Is creating the worst dream

There’s insanity and lunacy
From the medics working here
Only an u sound mind could ever
Create all this vile fear
And watch these innocent animals
Living with the pain
Frightened their depression
Again and again

Crackpots in white coats
Paid inflated salaries to be
Teaching would be doctors
And technicians so to see
Terrible bouts of torture
Inane and trivial stuff
Incoherent waffling
I have heard enough

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