He was laying paralysed
Clearly in pain
Exhausted and dusty
In the hot sun again and again
DY by day just lying there
With his own thoughts
Creating despair

We found him and
Took the sacking a Away
His skin wasn’t good
And his back legs
Let’s say
Were terribly sore
Unable to try
And walk just a little bit
We wondered why

Sedated him loved him
Lots of TLC Our sari love
Is the best place to be
One after the other we
Shared out our care
And he was responding
By being aware

Gradually eating
Sari love does
The pats and the sweet words
It gives one a buzz
And Buster was busted
But bursting to be
A great little buster
For us all to see

After two months
Her was coming around
His back legs were still sore
When place on the ground
He didn’t have strength
But would not be denied
He fought like the clappers
With plenty of accord

After six weeks he was ready to go
His legs they were working
His spirit did show
No more lowness to speak of
Just true energy
And “Buster”was up ther3
With the want to be free

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