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The covetous and mercenary Arrogance of those Who cannot seem to appreciate Wildness and the throes Of living in the outback The wilderness angels who Have loved and preserved The wonder that’s out there Good and true Godliness and the … Continue reading


She was lying dying By the roadside As sickly as could be No Samaritans around for days Nobody to see Her clearly aching body And her lovely mind Skin and bones Only the maggots Seemingly entwined One of the angels … Continue reading

A rather unusual cupboard

Space constraint And an awkward placement With ample capacity A cupboard made to measure With ingenuity An artisanal construct A carpenter who can Understand the concepts And evaluate the plan Be resourceful of the time The space the need And … Continue reading


We have responsibilities as human beings who Name our pets by aggressive names Or by names that may not be true This poor soul was called “trouble” And sadly has become “Trouble” for the animal and the owner And now … Continue reading

Murdering scumbag aquitted

A pregnant women argued with her boyfriend And so she Took his puppy dog and baked it Dead regrettably Placed it in a baking tray At 300 C Shoved a chair against the door And baked it Tragically of course … Continue reading


Marion County Florida The sheriff he was called When a 12 year old boy Beat up his dog Tied to a tree And hauled Him into an unconscious state By beating on his head With metal pipes Until the little … Continue reading

TIK TOK and negligence

To disregard and thus neglect The where for all of souls Little cats and dogs out on the internet Whose roles Apparently are taken over By and indifferent crowd Whose neglect of them is obvious It’s like an evil shroud … Continue reading

North of Harris County TEXAS

a cage inside a yard In which a dog is put and left Without even a blanket Clearly is bereft Then without food and water YES For days on end Whoever does this to a dog Is certainly no friend … Continue reading


A Shih Tzu dog was found in Detroit Looking The worse for wear So matted up with pure neglect That all that luxurious hair Had tightened and the poor dog Was unable to walk No fleas it seems But basically … Continue reading

A message from Amy

Living with Meg and Kevin Sharing their love and peace In their world where wonder The sensation of release Brought up by a true friend Loved for what we are An Extraordinary relationship Which I know was by far The … Continue reading


Aggression start to finish Attack attack attack Unprovoked criminality No ones got their back Little calves just babies It’s blitzkrieg everyday A war of attrition Where only babies pay Taken from their mothers Immediately they are born Thrown into wire … Continue reading


Trip adviser advertising Sixty one per cent Of visitors are happy Really are content That’s visitors People who pay to see Those who are Trapped there And are kept there In a place they call a ZOO Who forget this … Continue reading

She gets my goat

Being in the forest Is the life for me Up there in the mountain passes It’s where I like to be Fleet of foot breathing hard Climbing over rocks Nibbling the greenery The dandelions and docks The mountain air it … Continue reading

CHINA the despicable

The want of the wild Of the bush meat beguiled The viciousness causing disease Be it bats rats of cervils Pangolins too Carrying viruses Which many do China has banned all wild species For they Realise people are beginning to … Continue reading

Bleached haired bitch

The hubris and the insolence It’s everywhere to see This bleached hair bitch Imagines she is queen of snobbery Holding up a dying creatures head for all to see Upstaging a wild soul In its natural urgency It is dying, … Continue reading


A wound behind his head Where he was unable to lick clean And in that neglectful period It began to look obscene As the blow fly maggots Gobbled up the festering flesh And blood In a couple days it’s was … Continue reading


A meaningless existence Uncertainty and pain Out there on the streets Fighting ones corner yet again Up against the traffic The noise and people who Really hAve no care atvall For anyone like you Rejected by society Spurned by everyone … Continue reading


For me it is humiliation A lack of respect and just scorn Aweless and well just unflattering As a women it begins to dawn On me really that his irreverence Certainly Disfavours me It feels like a genuine slap in … Continue reading


A premeditated violent act On animals for me Shows the extent of wickedness And immorality jailed for 24 weeks With a notification He Will not be allowed to keep animals For ten years Which is key He fed the dog … Continue reading

Who knows what becomes of us

Whether we end up in a temple Sanctuary or zoo Makes a great deal of difference Or in a sea park too Really human beings Are kindly but they can Be cruel and even beastly Dependent on their plan A … Continue reading


When we saw him he was badly injured A head wound really suffering He was A tiny little soul Not able to control His movements in much pain And that’s because Somehow either a car Or human being Had beaten … Continue reading

Whose a fungi?

A fungus known as MASSOPINA CICADINA Grows On earth to combat Cicadas The red eyed insect foes Who live for up to 17 years Deep inside the ground Creating tiny tunnels That’s what god once found Pathological fungi Whose aim … Continue reading

What is entirely wicked

A so called lucky rabbits foot As a key ring Can you imagine How the rabbit feels Let me take you through The whole procedure Lots of noise And smells And countless squeals As each is yanked from cages and … Continue reading


Another unfortunate Staffordshire This one in New South Wales Living in a household It’s was one of those sad tales Where his guardian was an avid gardener Who bought synthetic grass And it’s alleged the dog Had damaged it And … Continue reading

Hard core wizard

A jovial wizard vegan animal rights brigader she Is out there on the front line With a big heart easily Taking on the corporate world The meat trade and the rest Showing us some empathy At loving she’s the best … Continue reading


A call came in A street dog who apparently Had been sleeping rough around the cars And looking rather lean We went down to try and find him And under a white car There he was quite fearful Hiding, he … Continue reading


Named after The Norse God “ODIN” so we hear Abandoned on a construction site In the footings It was clear Lethargic and ill fated Just quietly laying there We were called to see Just how he was Whether aware Apparently … Continue reading

Consultant Rheumatologist

My arthritis took a real bad turn And for a few months have seen A lot of pain most of the time And have felt life was so mean To me despite pain killers And rest and exercise The cold … Continue reading

Counselling Psychologist

My arthritis has been dreadful The pain really severe It’s true a friend who was helping me Left me just last year That really got me upset She had been such support Good for my constitution I just felt I … Continue reading

Unbelievable torture

Such betrayal Just whoever Became the guardian They should Realise their place In this dogs life Was that they would Look after and create A life not what they in fact did Exacted terrible cruelty Really in a bid That … Continue reading