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When we saw him he was badly injured A head wound really suffering He was A tiny little soul Not able to control His movements in much pain And that’s because Somehow either a car Or human being Had beaten … Continue reading

Whose a fungi?

A fungus known as MASSOPINA CICADINA Grows On earth to combat Cicadas The red eyed insect foes Who live for up to 17 years Deep inside the ground Creating tiny tunnels That’s what god once found Pathological fungi Whose aim … Continue reading

What is entirely wicked

A so called lucky rabbits foot As a key ring Can you imagine How the rabbit feels Let me take you through The whole procedure Lots of noise And smells And countless squeals As each is yanked from cages and … Continue reading


Another unfortunate Staffordshire This one in New South Wales Living in a household It’s was one of those sad tales Where his guardian was an avid gardener Who bought synthetic grass And it’s alleged the dog Had damaged it And … Continue reading

Hard core wizard

A jovial wizard vegan animal rights brigader she Is out there on the front line With a big heart easily Taking on the corporate world The meat trade and the rest Showing us some empathy At loving she’s the best … Continue reading


A call came in A street dog who apparently Had been sleeping rough around the cars And looking rather lean We went down to try and find him And under a white car There he was quite fearful Hiding, he … Continue reading


Named after The Norse God “ODIN” so we hear Abandoned on a construction site In the footings It was clear Lethargic and ill fated Just quietly laying there We were called to see Just how he was Whether aware Apparently … Continue reading

Consultant Rheumatologist

My arthritis took a real bad turn And for a few months have seen A lot of pain most of the time And have felt life was so mean To me despite pain killers And rest and exercise The cold … Continue reading

Counselling Psychologist

My arthritis has been dreadful The pain really severe It’s true a friend who was helping me Left me just last year That really got me upset She had been such support Good for my constitution I just felt I … Continue reading

Unbelievable torture

Such betrayal Just whoever Became the guardian They should Realise their place In this dogs life Was that they would Look after and create A life not what they in fact did Exacted terrible cruelty Really in a bid That … Continue reading