When I am lame you kick me you bastards

You raped my mother
And you kidnapped me
Yes your the MEAT TRADE
The murder Trade, we
are the ANIMALS
In some ramshackle place
No grass and no sunshine
Just kicked in the face
Punched in the udder
It is a disgrace

You flog our milk
To the idiots who
Think they are calves
It just will not do
Bovine nutrition
Does nothing for you
Four legs and a tail
We shit where we stand
Our world is a hell
We are just your brand

Abuse us each day
That’s what you do
In our shitty barn
Come take a pew
Bruises all over
You twist our tail
Burning our udders of hair
Oh you fail

Now its LIVE exports
Send us away
You do not care
One iota
Often when we are pregnant
You send us to where
The slaughtermen slit our throats
Halal despair

AUSTRALIA shame on you
Shame on you shame
Meat is abuse
And the noose
And the flame
Are ours for the taking
We cows die a death
On the sea if we are lucky
Fighting for breath

Of course MEAT Is MURDER
Of course it’s ABUSE
You kick us when we are lame
When our shit is too loose
De horn us no painkillers
Castrate us no vet
You are the torturing classes
Your debt

To the ungulate hordes
Is as bad as can be
You rape and you kidnap
And murder the key
The dairy the calves
Our babies all lost
their throats slit so quickly
That is the cost

COws are females and deserve better than the shit
You treat us with

3 comments on “When I am lame you kick me you bastards

  1. Natasha Vedblom on said:

    This is just evil and cruel.
    The people who work here will get worse and worse, when the empathy is gone, there is nothing left.

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