China and your unbelievable cruelty

Vital and vigorous
An obstinate soul
That will work for his master
In an unflagging role
Sturdy and hardy
Abled and strong
Which sadly attracts
Those more feeble along
Who too soon lose face
For the donkey has strength
He will slave for his master
And go to great length

China as advanced as she is
In this world
Harps back onto old medicines
That once hurled
Them into the dark ages
And onto now
With the use of whole processed skins
Known as E-Jiao

Millions of donkeys
Are slaughtered each year
Their skins soaked and boiled
Their lives drenched in fear
How is this strength
Why is this right
The meek need preserving
Those powerless to fight

Such a beautiful animal
Does deserve more
Compassion and hope
And Natural Law
Should now be protecting
This heritage beast
An animal really who should be the least

Put upon savaged and murdered
So you
Traditional Medicine
Dares to work through
Millions of heartbeats
Millions souls
Such answerable crimes
From so many roles

In Brazil and in Africa
And Pakistan
And of course China
The world wide plan
Of capturing markets
Of slaughter and pain
The karma it’s causing
To China’s refrain

And of course there is a liableness
And obligation
There are repercussions
And many a nation
Shows it’s concern
For the murdering way
China in curing
Is making its way

Where is the intellect
The powers of thought
You are still in the dark ages
Somehow still caught
In the mindlessness era
When progress is made
You ought to move on
And prove now how brave

You are for the ailments
The e jiao is used
There are many more medicines
And the abused
Animals and for that matter
People who must
Murder on your behalf
Who in you trust

prescribing medicines from so
Long ago
For present day ailments
It’s not in the flow
Of substantive evidence
Not any more
It’s outdated outmoded
And against present law

It’s illogicality
Really chicanery
A flaw in the argument
Self contradictory
It’s parochialism
So penchant and wrong
And in this day and age
Just doesn’t belong

A donkey is sage like
It’s never a fool
It’s like a wise man
Lucid as a rule
It gives its whole heart
And it’s terribly wrong
To then take its life
Because it is strong

Delusions of grandeur
Possibly so
A four legged creature
That never says No
That works for his living
Is meek but is sure
God never created this miracle

China to torture
China to kill
China to confuse
And to murder at will
Only the sick maladjusted might feel
Demented enough to think
And conceal

And be far sighted and prophetic
In saying aloud
Murder the donkeys
Boil up the shroud
Create the e jiao
Ignore the screams
The foreboding apocalypse
In peoples dreams

The falsehoods now present
The mendacity
It is a perversion
That does not need to be
Brought to the table
In this day and age
It’s jiggery pokery
Now off the page

Patients need to reject
This iniquitous stuff
Causing shame and abuse
Enough is enough
Go and watch a dear donkey
Beaten to death
It’s hide stripped off
As it breathes its last breath

It pays a disservice
To creation and light
To everything godly
That walks in the night
It’s an outrage a grievance
Causing angst to fly
Throughout the ether
And into the sky

In pursuit of a cure
A prescription of death
Of woe and destruction
Of torture the breath
Is torn from a mild mannered animal who
Has as much chance at life
As any of you

If tHere is a great god
What chance is there he
Would allow all this murdering
Ever to be
Acceptable truthfully
Now as a cure
His miraculous gift
Given and pure

And you with your arrogance
China explain
You are wasting life
Which to me is Insane
Which puts down a marker
Of abject fear
Of spiritless knowledge
Which now does appear

Impassive and unimpressed
Insouciant too
It’s smacks of irreverence
Yes it does do
All of things as a matter of course
With death dished out
Really at it source

And to Chinese Government Beijing

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