How long he ‘d been lying there
Nobody knew
But a little boy found him
And knew what to do
Called animal aid unlimited
And they came by
Wrapped him in blanket
Which made the boy cry
He was happy to know
That his friend would soon be
In hospital where
Love and care, it was free
Back there we examined him
Two legs were tied
With string
It cut deeply
And it mystified
Us who would do such a thing
Clearly they
Would have been unaware
And To just walk away

The poor soul was heaving
Was Upset And was sore
He could’nt stand up
Of that we were sure
We sedated him
And cut the string
Clean away
Washed and flushed
All the necrotic flesh
That did play
Into the pain poor “JITU”
Could feel
After day two
He ate food just a little
Some others need feeding
And with love and care
So many get better
And he was aware

Compression bandages
Cuddles galore
The swelling went down
Which we all could adore
To see him with less pain
And mobility
After a weeks rest in bed
We could see
Both legs were saved
If that little boy
Had not been so kind
Then all of our joy
Would not have been possible
For what we see
Is as happy now as he can be

He walks around the hard
Tail wagging away
And he makes us all happy
We found him that day
We have our haven
In Rajasthan
We work with street animals
Because we can
It’s lovely to see them
Get better each day
Thankyou for helping them

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