If we should stay
We are going to pay
We are going to suffer
Night and day
Military Mobility
The Schengen area
Aids the free
Movement of units and assets
They all
The European Area
Will be on call

A permanent structure
Cooperation in defence
PESCO its called
And makes little sense
Bureaucratic barriers
There will be none
And BREXIT is pencilled in
the day was done

Germany the Netherlands
All the EU
With the exception
Of Denmark Malta
Who do
The United Kingdom
At this time
But staying in
It is not a good rhyme

Worked out by NATO
The great USA
A certain Ben Hodges
They want no delay
Moving troops faster
Across regions they
The United States
Of Europe
It’s coming
Our way

Scotland and Remainers
My message to you
When your children are called
You know what to do
Give thanks to the LIBERALS
And of course
And remember
The leavers
Who were more than machines

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