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“Flopsy” was old And clearly sad Standing still Feeling real bad A wounded ear The maggots came In the road And did inflame His Fear apparent Spitefulness Clearly There was no redress Agony was his to hold Was his to … Continue reading


Single market Custom Union Common fisheries Policy EU Military Command and control The great Verhofstadt Minus a soul No politics here No none at all A clean break exit That’s is My call

“ Judith”

Neglected That was how she was Chained out in a yard Urinated on out of the window She was scarred By them who was supposedly her family Who watched her deteriorate Chucked her food all muddied Left her in a … Continue reading

The gifted one’s

they Stalked the Bush They quietly rose To roar at night And to suppose Their place was gifted It was where They surely chose To breathe the air Laos did sensationally trap and snare successfully Villainous minds Deserted far Mischief-makers … Continue reading

I am agog at the sinfulness

So I must die as an excuse And absorb the sin of man A mere bird of the barn am I Who has never been a fan Never really understood The Jewish way of life But given to understand That … Continue reading

Pirate whaling

Japan has told the IWC That they can go to Hell Whaling is their culture And tradition And they sell Whale meat to their people Who clamour for it they Love the whale fluke sushi And eat it come what … Continue reading


Detritus haunts the beaches The oceans and the seas From shopping trolleys to Plastic dollies The world at large agrees The wide expanse of heaven and Earth Suitably exacerbates The Albatross is at a loss For within her soul she … Continue reading

The birds

Conflict does exist alas Between car owners and birds Parking underneath the trees Some can be lost for words Living in a forest In nature so to say And complaining about wild life It’s simply not the way You do … Continue reading


Truly she was abandoned Out on the street was she Struggling with the dust and flies And the emergency A wound had ripped her underside Exposing her lung Breathing became difficult The plight of the unsung The total lack of … Continue reading

The penguin and the Leopard Seal

A tiny penguin Makes his deadly dash Across the sea Away from the giant Leopard Seal Which did apparently Chase him across the melting ice Upon the azure sea Unstable truly and on fire He didnt want to be Supper … Continue reading