Porcupine quill

A call made to our helpline
Brought a response urgently
A fawn dog clearly suffering
With a quill shot painfully
By a wild porcupine
Into it’s right eye
Very deep and bloody
Enough to make you cry

Just watching that dear doggy
Leaking from it’s jaw
, and it’s tongue hanging out
One can not ignore
The empathy of seeing
The animal in pain
The quill right through the eyelid
Jaw droppingly insane

Under some sedation
The quill was taken out
The old sweetheart
Was crying
In fact so little doubt
The agony was evident
Such force had made its mark
The poor dog really motionless
On the edge of the park

Animal aid unlimited
By the TB place
Feeling very sad inside
With bruising on its face
Clearly so upsetting
His face swollen and blue
Saved again by the angels
Who knew just what to do.

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