Two broken legs

Zoo’s are there primarily
To make money
Thats the way
And working with young animals
And others on display
Are clearly far from wildness
In captivity
Away from family members
Which is contradictory

To how they should be treated
With elders who will see
They are taught to do things
And create something that they can be
As youngsters they have lots to learn
So stuck inside a zoo
And gawped at by the customers who come
Who want to view
Making them dance to music
Is something they should never do
And Sadly he was injured
in some mud apparently

Care is what young ele’s need
Not performing jobs, no way
The stress and strain on all their legs
Is no order of any day
Its unintelligent to make them
Despite their curiosity
They hardly know how to use their bodies
And the possibility

Again its about money
Tourists like to see
Animals performing
Every eventuality
Ignorant of accidents
Of stress, and ofcourse strain
Zoo’s are very arrogant
But They only see the gain

They really do lack foresight
Where’s their duty of care
Little baby elephants
Their mothers are not there
For them this world is alien
Its cruel its sick its wrong
Tourists if they are on this level
Then they do not belong

Anywhere near animals
Believe me if you will
Thoughtful caring compassionate people
Wouldnt want to kill
Any little babu
These creeps
That organize
This formal road to torture
Caused this poor demise

The place needs to be closed down
Thailand no excuse
You above all others
Are guilty of this abuse
You actually killed this elephant
And for that the zoo must be
Closed down and the owners
Locked up
For an eternity

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