Hog weed moss rose verolaga
Other names for the Purslane
It hugs the ground
Thats what I have found
And likes the heat
Its element is water
And its Feminine ruled by the moon
Love and luck and happiness
A succulent always in tune

The Chinese call it
It cools the blood
And clears damp heat
Grows in India and Pakistan
But grows here
And can compete

Its very wild
Has omega 3
Some call it a super food
And its free
Planted by nature
Brought by the birds
Who in a nutshell are
Are not Lost for words

Add to salads
And stir fries
Its salty and lemony
A surprise
Has oxalic acid
And a “pickly” taste
With yellow flowers
Delicately graced

Its drought tolerant
And can be
Grown from seed
It germinates
Just with light
And can be prolific
All this in spite

Of gardeners
Treating its very soul
With madness
Using weedkillers
Its really sadness
That I do feel
Seeing toxicity
As the reward
For a food
That anyone can afford

High levels of pectin
So thickening soups
Paddle shaped leaves
Growing in groups
Stems can be reddish
It likes to be
Sprawling around
A path lazily

Place under a pillow
May induce sleep
Carry it on you
For the love you may reap
Some leaves in a sandwich
Gives you a zing
Its wildness a gift
For it has everything

In the crafte
It is known as
Blood of ares
A notion a potion
In pesto no less
Its a good little plant
A summery soul
Just loves the sun
And will brighten
Your bowl

Of foraged wild lettuce
There is so much to choose
Eating gifted plantlife
What is there to loose
Provided they are clean
And havent been sprayed
Let its bold tonicity
Come to your aid

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