The secret Gardens of Flaunden

Flaunden Lane near Bovingdon
A concept to regard
A Mediterranean Nursery
Easy for the bard
To soak up all its floral gifts
The complementary
Interacting many coloured
Pattened woven spree
A place of peace and harmony
An idyll in a way
Down a short lane green and quiet
You feel drawn and soon pay
Respects for whats before you
Laid out so beautifully
Clearly cared for plants and shrubs
Contrasting admirably
A smorgasbord of flowers and herbs
Like the olive catching the eye
Displays of pure inventiveness
An Archetypal high
Counterpoise and parity
Joy each step one takes
An eminence of holding
Go there for all your sakes

Watered weeded cared for
A vibrancy that shows
A union of light and air
And love and care
One knows
On finding this
Dear secret garden
Nestled in a vale
Surrounded by green Beeches
And the loveliest of tale
A bond exists where the owners
Tirelessly both share
With all their true integrity
And we are, soon made aware
Of the wholeness and the totality
That they indeed do show
There is order there are systems
You feel them and you know

A really good collection
Gatherings and hue’s
All the colours of the rainbow
Lilacs pinks and blues
Striding into mindful
Passages of time
Permanence and repetition
Precariously they climb
Annuals and Perrenials
Constant over-flowing
Promising so very much
And readily all showing
Every facet of their form
Their uninterrupted course
Imminent and predestined
The hand of man we know
The magnificently graceful kites
Above add to the great flow

The exhuberance and lushness
And of course the expertise
The readiness to help
In every way they can and please
Within its sweet confines
Is dealt a meeting place of minds
A presence all pervading
And really all the signs
Of a truly cared for business
Based on honour and degree
Attentiveness and diligence
Everywhere should be
Like this but sadly few are
The thoroughness and care
Painstakingly creative
A quality now rare

Thankyou for helping me today

It was a joy to meet you both

Debbie & Stuart Oastler

07860 841582

01442 832482
FLaunden Lane

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