Sandringham estate boycott by Norfolk school

A petition has been started
From a Norfolk school where they
Were encouraged to visit the Sandringham Estate
To see the dogs that play
A part in retrieving dead birds
Shot by shooters who
Are An integral part of the countryside
But I am not sure if that’s true

Any way it’s subjective
Blood sports seemingly
Lying in wait with rifles cocked
And shooting birds that be
For me that’s not exciting
And Lasting impressions no doubt they
Of wild birds shot out of the sky
On any given day

Parents should be made aware
That that This is the essence here
and see if they agree with it
It has to be made clear
“A trip to the Sandringham Estate”
That was the invite they
Got but looking closer
You can sense there is dismay

It’s coming via the Country Trust
And the Education here
A charity that works with the least able
So It’s clear
It’s giving an opportunity
For children to engage
To learn about the countryside
Which is kind of off the page

They organise the outing
A charitable event
To educate the children
Outside time when spent
Learning about nature
Walking in the air
Learning about trees and things
Learning to be aware

I have signed the petition
And others will I am sure
Good for the children who
Realise lives matter, and to ignore
Wildness in our countryside
Is mean I have to say
And killing birds is very sad
There must be another way

To everyone who signs here
The message loud and clear
Blood sports are past their sell by date

I say this because I fear

Too many grown ups are hunting and killing
Too many of our wild brethren and they need
To perhaps slow down and observe, photograph
And respect more.

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