Humanity is clearly off course
One now has to feel
We lack realisation
And somehow we conceal
The obvious awful danger
To the wider public who
Live their lives as best they can
But remain unseeing, who
In their right mind would gamble
For so many years ahead
100,000 years to be exact
That’s what they said

A repository for nuclear waste
Spent fuel so to say
Hidden in the granite rock
Creating a doomsday
Scenario for future generations
Who will find
The evil that was put in place
And may just blow their mind

Oikiluoto Nuclear Plant
In Eurajoki will
See encapsulation and burial
The fill
Some awesome violent radio active
Spent fuel rods and they
Will be encapsulated and buried
Perhaps till judgement day

The strategy of long term storage
An arrogance of today
The stupidity of possessing
A wonderful array
Of nuclear authority
A radio active threat
That lasts so many lifetimes
A truly enormous debt

And the world continuing
The process seems to me
To be the work of madness
Of utter insanity
Of an arrogance beyond the meaning
Of the word today
Of an adverseness and a repugnance
That others will have to pay

We are creating prototypes
And the enormity
Of risk that’s clearly present
Into eternity
It’s astonishing to contemplate
The ignorance of man
The supremacy of science
That’s prevalent in this plan

Supreme beings we are not
Still wet behind the ears
We hardly have begun to walk
Humility my dears
Is being now consigned to depths
In granite bedrock where
Future souls my flourish
But still be unaware

Of true decomposition
Of erosion and of wear
Copper for example
Many are unaware
Of the true integrity
The unspoiled percentage may
still be very active
At the buck end of the day

Deterioration sadly
May not be as they felt
With inadequate science
The cards have all been dealt
In quite the state of order
And turmoil may result
We are of an unhinged mindset
Which becomes a vast insult

We are now at the beginning
The newness we can see
There will be teething troubles
Into infinity
We are embryonic
Hopeful that our way
Forward into darkness
Will create the light of day

For me that’s rather difficult
For a bard perhaps can’t dare
To occupy his mind with thoughts
That lead him to despair
A scattering of light forms
Give creation to more thought
On potential algorithms
That science might support

So many generations
Will answer to this plan
Enlightenment was lacking
When twenty first century man
Discovered radiation
With its enduring weight
Immortal and unending
With its fickleness for fate

The womb of time continues
Reincarnated souls
Newly born and genetical’s
And invigorated trolls
All the variant equations
Of trans people will be
Subject to the same risks
And possibly you and me

We will be seen as the primitives
The savages of soul
The indigenous awakening
The bygone ancients role
Such anachronistic knowledge
Out of perhaps the ark
And a given degree of madness
And the need to make our mark

The risks were unbelievable
They were beyond the evil hour
Immutable and unchanging
Spirit alone would cower
In the dreaded darkness
At the thought of being where
This complete saturation
Could only bring despair

And there is no turning back
Of clocks
The pendulum now swings
Quietly cutting through all time
Similarly it brings
A cataclysmic outcome
World-shaking maybe so
Utter obliteration
If things change and we don’t know

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