Magickal whittling

A length of willow
Tearfully sprung
Witches brooms
Were once among
The uses for a branch
To be
Held and whittled

An aromatic inspiration
Feminine and lissom too
The outer green
and inner bark stripped
Where once great beads
of sparkling dew

Resembled tears
were then rewarded
Peeling off the inner soul
A very moist wood
Easy growing
Dawn’s staff fashioned
Such a role

May come and borrow
Where primroses dance with joy
The bark contains the salicyn
The origin of Aspirin surely
Pain killing properties within

Paint or wax the ends
So drying
can be accomlished
Great care is needed when
Sanding willow
The dust
Can harm
And we must be

Aware of this
And its uniqeness
If one needs to travel
The willow will
Get you further
it has a power
To do it faster
An inner skill

To take the wood
And hew and chisel
Work the wood
With hands and heart
In ancient times
It grew in China
In watery pastures
And sent its art

The willow pattern
Its immortal nature
Re-birth is a constancy
Short lived but a tree of beauty
Its goddess ofcourse Hecate

Such patience
Blade and whittling magick
Artisanal majesty
Creative thinking outside the box
With genuineness and clarity
A connectedness with the druids spirit
And all-embracing way to be
A joyful soul a smile recorded
At the rollright stones were we
Freezing weather hail and blizzard
But Dawn’s sweet smile
Was ofcourse a key

And now the willow staff is growing
Again in spirit and will be
A support, on grassy hollows
Where tree roots trip
And uniquely
A crystal head
Where light and colour
Will obviously now glorify
Dawn’s staff embellished
And hand finished
And the willow sweeps
Before the eye

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