The Hunting Act 2004

Laws that are being broken
With the authority of the few
Our wild ones they were spoken
But what did you lot do
You made it known that the tories
Loved the hunting clan
That you prefereed to turn a blind
To the hunting ban

So what do we see
Around us
the countryside at war
Foxes being beaten up
Hunts now many more
Openly flouting what is law
And hunting foxes they
Are being murdered yes they are
And those of us who say

Its wrong to break the law get short shrift
From the hunters who
Abuse us any chance they get
And on our land ride through
Law breakers given title
Whilst those of us who try
And care for the wild animals
Watch as many die

The Saboteurs are witnessing
The horrors as you know
There is downright hatred
For those of us who show
Some virtue and some honesty
To those folk who care
The uprightness and sanctity
That so many of us share

Some are being got at
For complaining that we face
Arson even gangs of people
Clearly the disgrace
Of rowdy hunters on our land
Threatening us and they
Are not prosecuted
But allowed to go on their way

Foxes being chased down
And murdered in plain sight
Hordes of hunters and their hounds
What is this countries blight
Thousands of people protest
At the hunting thats allowed
its a gory tory story
That sadly is now showered

Down upon those carers
The countryside angels who
Track and trail the hunting
Who do what they want to do
The police dont seem as needful
To prosecute these days
And the tories clearly
Are guilty in the main
Of this malaise

The artfulness and slipperiness
Of the hangers on around
Who bring some shabby loutishness
And clearly do seem bound
To offer up aggression
To the Sabs who try their best
To save the fox from being slaughtered
And ofcourse the rest

Theres a wickedness apparent
Born out of those who are
Complicit in the breaking of the law
Oft Watching from far
Away we see the undesirables
The bovver boys about
The indiscretions and tresspassing
Wbich leaves some in no doubt

Laws are to be upheld
Or cancelled out for good
Killing the wild creatures
Is misunderstood
The majority want all hunting
To be stopped On our green land
The saboteurs and the friends
Thats what they understand

And so the stories emanating
From hunts around and about
Not only foxes are being chased and killed
But theres is little doubt
People become victims
Of the lawbreakers who do
Scream their base expletives
Which we all know are true

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