Law breakers
Left the corpse of one dead fox
Where it could be
Found hunting with hounds
This is what we see
The bovver boys are out and about
Doing what’s not right
With vile recriminations
That certainly were not right

A cigarette thrust
In the foxes mouth
A can of ale
Lodged beside its body
Around about its tail
Hostility and beligerency
A hawkish thing to do
What we saw was wretchedness
Maligned and bleak all through

Clearly mischief-making
And criminality
What amounts to lawlessness
An indulgent case of who
Would do such things
And realise the honour
Of the fool
A purloiner of good taste infact
Obviously quite cruel

Such tastelessness
Such coarseness
True vulgarity
The sort of low life
Evil trick
Of impropriety
Blatant loud and gaudy
Flaunting snd shameless too
Churlish loutish and unrefined
Its the thing some hunters do

Ans why the law dismisses
Such action I dont know
Why some look the other way
And some laugh at the show
Of philistine behaviour
The crassness we can see
The tawdryness of boorish yobs
Such risibility

The unmanliness
The undutifulness
The timorous poltroon
Who leaves the indiscretion
The impulsive loony tune
Skulking in the shadows
Distasteful as can be
Indifferent to the victim
By what is the taxity.

Found on Silk Mills roundabout
Shot and dumped

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