How many wild foxes
Fall foul to these snares
These cruel torture chambers
Badgers and Hares
Other wild creatures no doubt
Fight for breath
And so very slowly
Die an agonising death

Under the branches
In bracken somewhere
They lie slowly dying
And never a prayer
Is said at their passing
Its legal to lay
These atrocious gadgets
About come would say

If a pet dog should stumble
Or a child maybe they
Would scream to the heavens
Social media might play
Out the stories expecting
Compassion to be
Loaded and readily
Shared evidently

Then there might be law changing
Possibly they
Might then see how tragic
It was to lay
Traps of this type
Where pet dogs could be
Victims like this little dog
But we see

Through all this evil
For then everyday
The fact that they are set
Means success in a way
They are catching wild souls
Abusing life force
And are murdering foxes
As a matter of course

And we all know its happening
But we fail to act
Wild life is sadly
Constantly tracked
There isnt a let up
Farmers appear
Gamekeepers countrymen
Creating the fear

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