Planet Earth from the perspective of the indigenous peoples

Actists defenders protectors
Of the land
More of them are being killed
Is it hard to understand
They are the heartfelt warriors
Their morality they share
Often abused and maltreated
And martyred everywhere

Anguished and ansgt ridden
Victimized they be
They make a stand for animals
For the forests and we see
Last year alone 200 plus
Killed across the world
Sacrificed for profit
Habitat loss has hurled

The indigenous into a maelstrom
Its hopeless Everywhere
Anyone standing up for rights
Meets up with the despair
Of knowing they will be broken
And persecuted too
Its intolerable behaviour
But its what the nations do

Brazil has killed some fifty plus
The Philippines has too
Colombia 24 Mexico 15
Agri business who
Can be and are aggressive
Palm oil coffee sugar cane
Fruit and cattle ranching
At the front line its insane

With the migrant crisis exploding
Invasion does appear
Extremists infiltration
Under clouds of fear
Pillage rape and murder
No go zones galore
Clearly we are the indigenous
Living inside our own war

Fracking has begun in earnest
The tories signed it all off
Injunctions are now all in place
Oh to be a tory toff
Owning a home in the sacrifice zone
Might see our amentities lost
Gases and oil pollution and toil
Negative equity tossed
Into our heart felt emotions
Earthquakes and damage galore
We are the brand new indigenous
A minority all can ignore.

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