Kristjan Loftsson 59 and 60

Pre-occupied with killing
An addiction so to say
Wrapped up in its being
Obsessed in every way
Really tunnel vision
And illogicality
Unrigorous and muddled
With a dose of lunacy

A multiple personality
An inferiority
A clinical depressive
Away from the sea
Pertinacious and unyielding
Unrelenting in short
Wanting to kill more and more
Which just fills every thought

“Hei” the goddess of the dead
Her demonology
And malevolent spirit
Is somewhere in the sea
Aboard the Hvalur 9 perhaps
A haunting all along
He should be for the high jump
For his feelings are all wrong

He needs to be thrown overboard
Close to the next whale
So when it thrashes too and fro
He’s left Close by her trail
Bragi god of poetry
Hermoder who before
Tells Mimir guardian of the spring
that he is the man of war

A swearing cursing irreverent
The awful and blighted one
Who possibly if swallowed whole
Could pay for what he’s done
It would be a fitting end
In a ballen basket he
Dissolved in whale chyme
On what is its noble synergy

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