NORWAY and the whales

Norway insists on the killing of whales
Undeniable catches that honestly pales
Into a hellhole in consumers eyes
At The heart of the matter someones telling lies
Its well documented the catch is increasing
Consumption is down and therefore just piecing
Together the reason why catches should be
Increasing makes no sense its daf’t actually

They sellquite a lot to Japan
But we see
some 6000 tons in cold storage
They be
People affected by whale meat today
They dont want to eat it so most of them say
Norwegians on average might eat a pound
Thats in a year tHat what I ‘ve found
They think its unethical so in a way
Why are the government forcing the play
Fuel tax exemptions
And storage free
Why do this for christs sake
Why Plunder the sea?

10 minutes to die its vile frantic scene
Its palpably upsetting its no machine
Its a true caring sensitive soul
And therefore
To harpoon it and watch as its turned into gore
As it struggles and screams at the top of its voice
Norwegians believe that they do have a choice
They dont want to eat whale but somebody does
They want to rebuild sales and to hear the buzz
Of the ships in the harbour and the whales on the sea
But reality shows that its not going to be

Then again Norway says its whaling again
FUck the IWC though to me thats insane
They still feel the need to hunt whales every year
And are now feeding caged minks with it so I hear
Thats bloody cruel killing whales killing minks
Wild animals caged its not how one thinks
In these wire cages playing havoc with feet
And killed for the fur trade now fed with whale meat

These beautiful creatures stolen from the sea
Cut up and processed for minks that will be
So cruelly caged and then murdered and skinned
Made into fur sales their body parts binned
These beautiful animals created to be
Wearing the skin themselves truthfully
Breeding and caging them killing them to
make into fur coats it just will not do

Hags they are everywhere rich hags as well
Appointing the low life trappers who sell
For a few euros only the profits are there
Based on horrible cruelty that they won’t share
Every part of the skin is used so they say
Its renewable! fuck me they seem to play
Into the evil so reluctant infact
To give up this murdering and how I react
To them killing whales too, for minks on the farms
The great karmic debt here with so many harms
700,000 caged minks have to die
And its all done to make money and keep profits are high

Animal rights have been fighting for years
The trappers the rappers or so it appears
Are killing are maiming whose blaming them they
Are a vile bunch of arse holes who need blowing away
NOrway is saying by 2025
The farming of minks for fur will not survive
They are killing the trade thats seven years on
Excuses from Norway just go on and on

Sold as a renewable resource websites say
Murdering whales clearly killing does pay
Skinning wild minks and foxes those too
Must suffer for more years for me its a view
Too far in the future, its a wicked crime
Down a slippery slope to the end of time
These are innocent creatures in a state of grace
Pure and unspotted blameless in place
Created by Nature their consciences clear
Who are trapped starved and caged up
And left in pure fear
Fed rotten karma from whales who were killed
In the waters where innocents blood has been spilled
This whole damn equation illegally set
Its a kangaroo court and the darkest of debt.


Our worldwide plan

Story inspired by Hot Poppy on twitter today

3 comments on “NORWAY and the whales

  1. Viktor on said:

    How about boycotting the USA? Or the whole friggin world for that matter as all countries kills animals, both wild and domestic.

  2. Viktor on said:

    The USA kills whales (more than Iceland at least) but they are not on anyones whaling boycott list.

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Thanks Victor for coming to the blog i note your concerns and your anger expressed to me which I note it would be good if Norway stopped whaling however which was the object of my poem which at least you read and for that I am thankful

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