The piglet that sang and all the chickens joined in

Will they ever forgive us
The question is now on our lips
Will we get a free pardon
When we move from porkchops onto chips
Should we now beg their indulgence
Will they indulge us with grace
Will we get their absolution
Can we all now stay the pace

Will they forgive and forget us
For live exports, YES and the rest
Will they wipe the slate clean for us
Knowing we have done our best
Are they now set to absolve us
Let us all off of the hook
Make allowances for all our weakness
And Grant us a second look

Turn a blind eye to the killing
Not make an issue at all
Bury the hatchet
Let bygones be bygones
Kiss and make up
As we fall
Bear with us and put up with cruelty
Exonerate us of our crime
Not be too hard on us
Really forgive us
Help us to think one more time

The piglet that sang in the farmyard
The chickens that also joined in
All part of the choir of innocent souls
Who didnt call killing a sin
Who did not make an issue about it
Gestation crates they were alright
Operations without any pain killing drugs
Much of it thanks to Lyn White

Who purposefully carried our message
Who thoughtfully spoke to the crowd
Who spoke with her heart as the ships
Sailed away
Every sling every truck she endowed
She righted the wrongs in the system
She spoke for us so eloquently
She gave us the chance to be noticed
She gave us the time just to be

Thankyou Lyn White

Animals Australia

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