The Haenyeo of South Korea

Resolute and unprompted
With Will power and determination
The women of jeju their self appointed tasks
To dive into the ocean
Where Free diving is their thing
Exploring the depths on a single breath
Their prizes for to bring

Conches to the surface
All of a great age
60 plus to 82
They take the bit between their teeth
And dive for all their worth
Known as the sea women
Whose treasures are of worth

Deliberately and intentionally
And knowingly they dive
In currents that are dangerous
Hopeful to survive
They are really tenacious
Adamant of the need to dive all day

Some so old that on the land
They walk laboriously
But being underwater movement
Is easily
Assisted by their courage
By the environment down there
With the willingness to scour the depths
The sea treasures to share

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