Ivory 2

The comment I should like to make
On the poaching gangs who feel
Their unworthiness and mischief
Inside themselves reveal
A malignancy a measly and corrosive
And revolting tyranny
Perhaps a vile affliction
An impetuosity

Impressionable and restless
An excitability
That leads them to an outburst
Where they exchange their purgatory
Ill disposed to realize
How downtrodden they are
With a willingness to treachery
To brutalize and scar

Utter contempt for innocence
Their worthless trifling scene
Immoral and obscene
They trespass and discriminate
And feel privileged to claim
Their U s p as vulgar
And Just part of their game

Their feet they feel are on the ground
Felonious and wrong
Condemnable and culpable
They really don’t belong
In this world so objectionable
On course to attain
A rise into iniquity
An unpardonable disdain

Unsportsmanlike and favouring
A paltriness the lowest of the low
Spurned constantly
But they are quite alright
With this surelyvthey are and they
Will poison murder shoot and kill
For if they can get away

They can put it all behind them
With the money they have earned
Its the higher echalons of power
For they believe they have learned
Those in power are no better
Their loose morals top their own
And its just a case of continuing
And, not being thrown

The pheonix rises rapidly up into the sky
Aiding and abetting the vultures flying by
Complicit with the burden of guilt
But able to
Be on the ground without remorse
Doing what they do
So very many victims shielded by the power
The vile and dark corruption
That seemingly does shower
The wicked and the malevolent
That cause the greatest pain
But are held to be those needed
By the bestial refrain

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