Blacksmith and the Toffee maker

Its a creative concept
And needs quite some courage
To switch ones philosophy
In such a way
Dealing in meat
And dairy and changing
To a vegan format
At the end of the day

Shows imagination
And great resourcefulness
A mindful understanding
And empathy too
That is a keyword
Timing, of the essence
In this case its true

Out with the grinder
In with the caring
Sharing and daring
Wholly, vegan food
Guiltless and bloodless
To have a clear conscience
Thats how its viewed

A pub in Clerkenwell’s
Great transformation
Blacksmith and the Toffeemaker
Seemingly feels
Factory farming
The CAFO’s the torture
Superbugs pollution
And all that reveals

And sum and substance
Full on compassion
Essentially so
A change of direction
And true circumspection
Which brought into being
A new way to go

Forwardness brightness
And worldly vision
A breadth of mind
And enlightenment too
Having the foresight
The far sighted vision
Creating the providence
And Making it through

A pub hosting people
Who drink plain and simply
Again ingenuity comes to the fore
Dealing with brewers
And the general public
Inspirational thinking
Based around natural law

Shows an eloquent path
To a meaningful graphic
Affirming conviction
A pledge to be told
A voice for the voiceless
An ethical viewpoint
And ofcourse true compassion
A joy to behold

292/294 St John Street
LOndon EC1V4PA

2 comments on “Blacksmith and the Toffee maker

  1. That’s brilliant poem – thank you. Please try to get it out to more people and places

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Thanks Jane I have tweeted it to a number of vegan places and friends and its on the pubs facebook page and on my facebook page and i posted it to some of the london vegans.

      The slight sadness is that it is vegan food but not necessily vegan ales or wines or spirits although there are a vast range now of vegan drinks to be had
      But i am sure this part will grow it has to.

      I am telling others and at some stage will go and experience it for myself

      Thanks again

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