Grass cutter ants of Argentina

Argentina’s pampas great grasslands of old
Thousandsand thousands of miles wide
On its spirit most are sold
The tiniest soul lives and struggles
For they
Are the tiny grass cutting ants
All working away

Such immense vitality
All their true born days
Slicing up the grass lengths
Developing ways
To carry the splices
Back to their nest
50 times their weight
Which is why they are best

But they do not eat grass
Their alloted span
Is to cut it and carry it
An instinctive plan
They feed fungal gardens
Composting the grass
And then eat the fungi
Which is first class

As it degenerates
It tends to produce
co2 which could cook their goose
Could gas them wholly to death
But these ants
Rather than gasp and give out long pants
They create ventilation shafts
Inside their hills
So compost and ventilate
Such are the skills

Of miniature grass ants
The pampas so wild
Unique in their expertise
It must have been dialled
Up in their consciousness
Long long ago
Argentine ants
Very much in the know

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