Monthly Archives: December 2017

The poor old fox

The refusers to recant Their sinful stubbornness Where they Dress up in their clobber And chase foxes half the day A schooner full of fino A whip a horse and they Tanked up on the thought of spilling blood Are … Continue reading

Wood ants of the jura and their ability to make ANTibiotics

Material existence The fundamental show Under the sun the living god The so enduring glow They seem indestructible Subsisting as they do Essentially one great big family Tangible and true A colony of wood ants The thought of war and … Continue reading

Herisson rose- ofcourse she knows

Inspirational and inspired Your jewellery really makes me fired Up to tell you That I be Thinking that yuletide presents, we Love you for your jewellery The earthly spiritual toolery I love your work love it so much And I … Continue reading

中國 there are no excuses

An audience of satanic sinful malevolent Intent Standing witnessing degeneracy their Degradation spent The enormity of suffering The flagrancy we see The heinousness the wrong doing Its base iniquity Unworthy to be human They are the fatal flaw Po faced … Continue reading

Sirius in Moni Cyprus

Who is really the brightest star In the night sky I think you are Devoted to loving the forgotten stray That is lost then found by you today Such thankfulness is on their face And appreciativeness of the human race … Continue reading

Hermit crabs and housing

Hermit crabs grow annually And really need a place to live Home and housing sadly Causes stress that seems to give Crabs a really miserable time The natural shells are taken By tourists off the beaches Leaving certain critters shaken … Continue reading

Macaques of Thailand

Southern Thailand Sees the limestone cliffs rise to the sky The Andaman sea as blue as blue And its there macaques they fly Up sheer cliffs with old man babies Wrinkled codgers they Hang beside their mothers Whose no spring … Continue reading

Tag me a Roo killer

Superior airs and graces Puts them through their paces Scorn and much disdain And derision is their gain Unworthiness and puerility Contemtible for all to see Consider beneath one And ignore To underrate and what is more To have moved … Continue reading

Hunters of foxes beware

We have an air of decency against each killing spree Of roguish rotten hunters whose place in history Is to be vile and scornful Chasing a wee soul Across the English countryside Out of all control Taking hounds left hungry … Continue reading

Child trafficking and chocolate

The big boys joys Are many The Nestle’s of this world MARS KRAFT CARGILL Corporatocracy Unfurled Africa West Africa Is indeed a melting pot Where buyers based in Abidjan Are earning such a lot The tragedy child slavery Trafficking its … Continue reading