Ode to Blue

This globular mass
We call our earth
71 per cent is worth
A greater deal to the planets core
For that is where water exists for sure

The oceans the rivers the lakes the seas
The world of water whose constant plea’s
Some can hear though some turn away
Not prepared to listen to the cries today

The filth short mindedly we toss overboard
Ammunition of little accord
Radiation and PCB’s
And rotten casks of our disease

We are conceited and an arrogant mob
We over fish and of course we rob
The natural world below the blue
Of its wonderful life force good and true

We toss our plastic just anywhere
Our fishing tackle brings such despair
The methods we use to catch our food
Are wasteful and wrong and entirely crude

Our whales and cetaceans we trap and enslave
Our game of chess with the bold and brave
Torn from the oceans of life and breath
And consigned to tanks our tanks of death

We murder whole pods around Japan
Beautiful dolphins part of the plan
Integral to existence a
Predator who
Is cut to ribbons thats what we do
Taiji’s murdering retards do
The work of god pulled from the blue
Selected to be trained and sold
To the corporate ignorance of old

The Faroes grind along and whales
Are slaughtered whole pods bloody trails
Of sinews and grief beyond the pale
Fetuses cut out, their holy grail
Their dark intent their vile display
Blood oozes everywhere they pay
A terrible price for these vikings who
Squander the life of these souls they do.

Happen to venture past their shore
The family tree these men ignore
A school of life and creations gift
Torn a’ sunder and left to drift
In the shallows cut and bleeding
As their spirits are receeding
The homeopathic mystical dose
Of blood and guts now coming close

To filling the ocean with feelings dire
The death and destruction of creative fire
Picked up by the sensitives of the sea
And discharged again so remorselessly

Great coral beds bleached horribly
Filthy oil slicks constantly
Scupper the health and the vibrancy
Of the gifts of life within the sea

Our plastic it really is everywhere
1000 years it will still be there
That saline soup will not break it through
This oil based chemical bonded brew

The sharks great predators
Rich design
We slice their fins
They so divine
Of history and need to be
The major predator of the sea

Man is fickle man unsure
He knows little of creation
But a lot of war
Oh he can kill and he can maim
But create a shrimp
Not one can claim

That honour NO but does destroy
And seems to do with extra joy
Insecticides and industrial waste
And science really hasnt faced
The reality that man is small
Compared to the universe and this wondrous

Called earth with its oceans of
Aqua blue
Filled with life and soul all true
Created miracles everywhere
And leaving behind little to share

With our children who clearly
Will expect to see
The creative forces within the sea
Oceans teeming with life galore
But instead just fathoms of blood and gore

A dying ocean a mournful place
In one hundred years of real disgrace
Man stole their world Destroyed it all
71 per cent that haul
Of life of creation of balance and soul
Gone in the wink of an eye
The control
Stare down into a lifeless sea
A liquid landfill Constantly
Bubbling with acidity
And little left unfortunately.

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  2. Thankyou Sara i am pleased you enjoyed reading this one about our beloved oceans and seas thanks fir stopping by x

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