The miracle of creation
Is beyond anything that man
Has ever and can ever do
Despite his wildest plan
The more we learn about creatures
The more we realise
How exceptionally adaptable
They are and its no surprise

Really how connected to the planet
Creatures are
And man at whatever level
Can never be a star
These performances are Nature’s
Thought out over the years
Perfected by experience
By happiness and tears

Each creature in its very self
Felt nirvana to be clear
Devised by godly planning
But destroyed by human fear
Arrogance and ignorance
And corporate desire
By evil and by warring
And by what is actual fire

Existence was a coming
A perfect design
Having substance largely neaningful
Whose head was on our line
Possibly was given fur
Abused therefore by man
Or was hunted out of existence
By a truly violent fan

Not all but many have been
Described as the predator
So in conflict with the human being who
Wants to shoot and kill whatever creature
And this represents and imbalance
Yes right through

The chain of prey to predator
It disturbs the apple cart
It really bore no reason
Since it didnt come from the heart
It was to do with fashion with meat eating
Or with skin
Someone could make a killing
And the animal couldnt win

So died in a hail of bullets
Or was trapped in a steel hold trap
Or was hooked by a massive
Metal hook
Or tortured by some strap
Dug into by some bull hook
Beaten with a whip
Animals were crucified
when bumans just let rip

Its the originality
The inventiveness we see
Each has an imagination
And a complete memory
Each has innovation and individualality
Its genuine its primordial
A prototype for all to be

A rule a guide a maxim
They were not just metal men
Or women spending money
And all wondering when
They really had the where for all
Pre programmed in a way
Fine tuned with their environment
And They all just tick away

Corporate profits have no limit
Have no balance anymore
Tearing trees down taming wild souls
So few now adore
The insects or the reptiles
Or the birds Whose colours shone
Raping skinning abusing
So many of them gone

Blood sports like fox hunting
Hare coursing and red deer
Going after grizzlies and bown bears
It is clear
Terrorizing wolf packs
Killing badgers too
No respect for creation
Just arrogantly we do

Whatever we want to
Destroying habitat
Palm oil palm hearts
Rhino horn sharks fins
All and parts
Of beautifully created animals
Seals and kangaroo’s
The human race is Losing
And its the vilest news

1924 Californian Grizzly bear
1930 Newfoundland Wolf
1936 Tasmanian Tiger
1940 Bali Tiger
1968 Guam Flying Fox
1990 Cuban ivory billed woodpecker
1976 Jamaican Gallwasp lizard
1996 Zanzibar Leopard
2006 Baini Chinese river dolphin

Just a few we have killed off too

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